Officially Shut Down
Friday, September 18, 2009 / 10:57 PM
With a total of 846 posts,
And my first post in this blog was three years back,
(22nd January 2007)

I've not stopped blogging,
In fact,
I didn't think of ditching my blog..
I just havta start all over again in a new blog..
For the link to my new blog=)

See ya there

What are you?
Thursday, September 17, 2009 / 10:45 PM
For the first time..
I actually have difficulty express myself here.

You can give me that look..Xp

There's too much happening today,
We had a seminar during our History lesson today..
And it was really good.
I liked what Neesha did for the Enlightment Period..
And there's this guy..
(can't remember his name)
The guy who sorta has a heavy indian accent,
And I love teasing him for that..Xp
He did something on Issac Newton,
And I must say he did a good job in that..

The Enlightment subject is what attracts me the most,
Cause it sorta gave me answers to certain things that I've been thinking about..
Bout condoning or not to,
Moving out from your comfort zone,
The risk,

That one question Neesha asked us,
Do you think we've reached the Enlightment Period?
A big NO pops out from my mind..
With so many ignorant people I've came across with,
People who doesn't want changes,
And always wanted to stick to the same old thing,
Authoritarian system,
Same old education system,
Some traditional kinda views..
Risk taking..
Where we have people BLINDLY condone to what they are being asked to do..

It makes a lot of sense,
The discussion we had,
Earnest and I had a discussion about what our parents want us to do,
The old generation expects from us and stuff..
Then Mr Hanna point out that word,
Which is courage,
The courage to take the risk and be different,
People laugh at you if you are different,
They sneered at your views and claimed that its "too deep" for them,
If you are passionate about something,
For instance,
I am into the women right's thing,
So whenever I defended the women in distress,
There'll definitely be some contemptible person around me,
Telling me that I am just being "all emotional"

My question..
How is it that you express your own views around some people,
You are asked to stop being "emotional",
When the fact is,
Such things are not meant to bë "emotional",
But its just the bitter reality,
That A LOT OF THEM AVOIDED taking the responsibility to create an awareness for that,
Then again,
Its always refreshing to have a group of,
Who listens to what you got to say,
And share something of what they think with you,
Instead of dismissing you like that,
Claiming that you are being "emotional"

At times,
I just want to snap at such people,
Asking them to stop being ignorant and selfish,
And start thinking for others instead of themselves...
People are selfish by nature,
And you can't change yourself,
But you can change who you want to be!

And the Amnesty International Malaysia gave a talk in my campus today..
I attended the talk,
Again, the talk had something to do with the discussion we had today..
So it kept me busy for a while reflecting on that subject..

I am still trying to grasp the idea that,
There are a lot more ignorant people out there,
To accept such people is what I should do,
But at times,
I can't help hoping that,
There'll be more people who,
Learn to get out of their little world they live in,
Start looking at the world generally,
And make themselves a better person living in this world.

Not sure if its just me,
But I've met a lot of them who,
Just doesn't like changes,
Changes is something that can kill them,
They don't wanna take the risk,
They conform and condone,
Then if there's people who rebel,
You became an outcast.

So what are you?
A conformist?
Or you just think that sticking to what you are being asked to do,
Is the safest thing to do,
Since you are afraid of moving out of your comfort zone..
Then what's the purpose of you living??
For the girls,
They probably look forward to marry, have children and spend the rest of their life with their family..
What about the guys?
They will be hunting for their eligible wife to be to spend the rest of their life with them, have children or perhaps marry another few wives..

I don't have a problem with girls who are all eager to marry and stuff,
A lot of them believe in those sloppy kinda fairy tales way of living,
Have a family,
Get old,
Living happily with the other half..

No improvements will be made.
If people are all happy living like that,
Human rights will be ditched,
Or just not being mentioned at all..
Perhaps it wouldn't exist..
If we have more of such people around..

PS : Surprisingly it didn't take me long to relent these out here(only took me 15 minutes). Now I gotta get back to studying.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 / 8:51 PM
The noise outside is...
Can someone sue them for hosting such event here!?
Like seriously!!

Now I have to resume studying in the highest floor..
And to think I hate studying in other places at home..

Uncivilized assholes!
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 / 11:57 PM
5 minutes before the day ends..
I got what I want^^
I supposed it is from above..
But wth!
And fuck!!!
Of course I'll mark that date in my calendar!!

*trying to refrain myself from screaming with glee and excitement*
For now..
I'll havta hang on there^^
You bet I will!=p

PS : 3 minutes.
15/09/2009(Legal 18th)
/ 10:22 PM

To bad I don't have the time to actually celebrate this day,
Today is like any other normal day,
Where I attended classes,
With my tasks piling up for me,

I celebrated earlier anyway.

So wth!

I shall think of happy stuff instead alryte?

Being legal means..
I'm a few years close to FREEDOM 21=)
I'll be able to buy alcohol on my own without going through a middle person,
Sex is legal=X
I can't think of anything else..

I haven't gotten around making my birthday wish yet..
Screw that!
Back to my Biology..

PS : Oh yeah! Thanks for the birthday wishes=) If its not for those wishes, I wouldn't even realize its my birthday today..XD
Ideal way of celebrating my 18th birthday
Sunday, September 13, 2009 / 9:09 PM
Some people just don't get it.
Or perhaps,
Their minds are just screwed up..

2 days to go to my 18th birthday,
If its not for those constant super early birthday wishes,
I wouldn't be bothered being upset thinking about...
Not being able to have a proper 18th birthday celebration..

Know whats my ideal way of celebrating my 18th birthday??
Since its the day when I turn legal..
I wanna drink=)
And get a major hang over..
Which is not likely,
I have to go back to campus the next day=(

It sucks having your birthday on weekdays.

I shall resume studying.

My birthday is not till the 15th!!!
/ 2:19 PM
My birthday is not today,
Or last Friday..
But its this coming Tuesday,
Which is the 15th of September!

So don't start wishing me yo!!!
I don't feel all birthday-ish,
And I don't want to before the 15th!
I started receiving birthday wishes 4 days earlier now,
Like wtf!?

I just don't feel all celebrative for my coming 18th birthday,
No thanks to my parents=.=
My week unfolds
Saturday, September 12, 2009 / 8:40 PM





This week is full of..
Nerve wrecking things..
Endless lists of tasks at the same time..
But when Friday came along..
I still can't breathe..
Knowing that I have loads to do over the weekends


Celebrated my early birthday yesterday,
Our actual plans yesterday were to have dinner together,
But the cake is out of question..
When we were fooling around,
The waiter brought the cake to our table...
And it just didn't occur to me that..
Thats a cake for me..=)




James the ghey=X


The ladies, from left : Me, Mei Shan and Chris

The dudes, from left : James, Zak and Jin

Today however,
Is my Parents Teachers Day..
The first lecturer that I want my mom to meet was my Functions lecturer,
Since I am the weakest in that subject,
(Not a surprise, its MATHS=___=)
She told my parents about me being a hardworking student,
And I just havta put in more effort into that..
Bluh bluh...
My Biology lecturer said the same thing about how hardworking I am and stuff..
I can't really remember much but she has good things to say about me anyway^^
Not that I am bragging.

After all that..
My parents spoke to my History lecturer=)
He told my parents that he liked my presentation yesterday,
And the usual comments..
I don't havta repeat them myself,
It makes me sound as if I am bragging=X

About the seminar that I had to conduct yesterday,
I was all nervous about it the day before,
And on that day before it..
I didn't practise.
Or I don't wanna make myself practise for that seminar,
Knowing that it'll be awkward,
And hell!

I don't know how am I supposed to start the whole thing..
Like how to get my classmates interested to what I am about to share with them,
What questions to ask in order to keep the discussion going..
Those questions were playing in my mind before that seminar.
Being the first to present,
Obviously, I didn't wanna start it off lousy..
It'll be such a humiliation!
Knowing its a 30 minutes seminar that I have to conduct,
It gets me all jittery thinking about..
The what ifs.

The what ifs that seemed to frighten me thinking about it was :
What if there's awkward silence from my classmates when I asked them for their feedbacks,
What if nobody listens to me, instead I'll find a couple of people here and their switching themselves off from what I have to say later,
What if my classmates find the talk not informative enough,
What if they don't understand what am I trying to tell them..
What if I don't have much to say and the talk havta end before the time given,
What if..what if..

So the whole day before that seminar that what if's thought seeped into my system,
The day comes..
And I know that I just havta get over that thing..
Mr Hanna asked who wants to present first,
Abruptly I raised my hand and told him,
Since I am the first in the list,
(Which is before Goldfish)
Why not Í do what I am supposed to do..

It was.
Pretty terrifying when I rant about my subject,
I was searching for any bored faces from my classmates.
Not at all..
Goldfish, Jimmy, Earnest and the rest were listening intently..
I asked them questions..
I got the feedbacks..
The crucial questions..
Which I really need the class to talk about it,
To get the discussion going..
Were working successfully,
I began to feel my muscles relaxed..
As my classmates hands kept shooting up in the air..
To get a chance to speak.

I was exhilarated looking at their earnest faces,
When they share their thoughts with the rest of the class..
Mr Hanna was listening intently to our discussions too=)
Soon, I am conducting the lesson,
Like how Mr Hanna does most of the time..
Even those who hardly speaks during lesson,
Began to come out from their shell=D
It was an awesome feeling having my classmates sharing their thoughts,
Without hestitating much..
And I must say,
I am pretty proud of myself=P

Then it was Goldfish's turn=)
He did great too!
He made us laugh..
And shoot us with questions..
Kept us busy thinking and sharing our thoughts and all those..
It was fun.^^

I have a lot of thinking to do tonight,
To get my next tasks done..

As for those who had dinner with me yesterday,
Thank you so much guys!
I thought there'll be no birthday celebration again this year,
If its not for you guys..=D

Whats more,
I think my mom began to realize,
What are my weakness point and my strength^^

Nervous wreck
Thursday, September 10, 2009 / 10:26 PM
I am trying not to think too much into it..
Its my turn tomorrow,
And I am the first to go..
I am in a nervous wreck state right now.

To be honest,
I don't know why am I all jittery and nervous about it..>.<
Early morning
/ 6:40 AM
Start my day at 4am today,
I woke up in the middle of the night to get my tasks done=)

Just finished reading the last few pages of Ghost Girl,
That book is tad awesome larh!XD

Off to campus.
Have a nice day peeps

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